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Donating can make a big difference this winter. There are a number of charities providing emergency food support to children and families. If you’re able to, please consider giving to help others in need.


Independent Food Aid Network 

Trussell Trust  

Crowdfunder - Help feed #14MillionPeople


Volunteer at local Food Bank or charity  

Food banks and other charities will be providing emergency winter services to help people in your area who may be experiencing food insecurity. Many of these services are volunteer run. They may need help with serving food, stacking shelves, or driving food to different locations.   

Get in touch with your local food bank or charity to see what type of help they may need this winter.

FareShare redistributes surplus food to much needed charities and community groups. They have a range of volunteering opportunities, which you can apply for here:

FareShare Volunteering


Register on the #ENDCHILDFOODPOVERTY map

If you are a Food Bank, Charity, Local Authority, Business, Faith Group, School or other type of organisation offering food support to families and children this winter, please add details of your offer to the #EndChildFoodPoverty map.

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Register on map


Become a supporter  

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